The impact of COVID-19 in India

We help you understand consumer sentiments in India, and the implications for brands.
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Chief Client Officer, Insights Division, South Asia

Poonam Kumar

Regional Director, Brand Strategy, Insights Division, Asia Pacific

pablo gomez

Chief Digital Officer and Media Lead, Insights Division, NASEAP

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As consumer behaviour shifts dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis, brands must adapt their strategies. And quickly. Understand how people are feeling and acting around the country with Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer India report. With insights from more than 1100 consumers across 19 cities in India, this research provides brand owners with clear direction during the pandemic crisis.

This report explains how an anxious India waits it out. Get answers to burning questions like:

  • What are people thinking? What are their major concerns, fears and expectations?
  • How has purchase behaviour changed? And consumption of media and social channels?
  • What are the implications for brands and marketing?
  • Should you maintain, decrease or stop media investment?
  • How long can your brand afford to “go dark”?
  • What’s the right media strategy (touchpoints, ROI) for your brand to adopt to balance short-term need and long-term recovery?
  • How do you promote your brand without being seen to take advantage of the situation?

Download the COVID-19 Barometer India report, part 1.

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