The future of Travel in Asia Pacific Today & Tomorrow 

Asia is expected to lead the world in travel recovery but the return to travel and tourism is not the same as it was pre-pandemic. Find out how a reprioritisation of travellers’ goals and other changes are set to impact the industry, opening new opportunities for brands to connect with Asian travellers.
13 February 2023

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As APAC rebounds from the pandemic and borders reopen, we observe a revenge travel trend due to pent-up demand for both business and leisure purposes. While new normal conditions are settling in place, Asian travellers’ behaviours and expectations are expected to have evolved post-COVID19.

What are those changes and how is it impacting the travel and tourism industry today and tomorrow? How can brands be better prepared to meet travellers’ new emerging needs and desires on their journey to their destination as well as during their stay?

Join us at our upcoming ‘Future of Travels’ webinar to hear from our Futures & Innovation Head – Angelia Teo, and a rich Q&A session with Senior Consulting Director - Celine Isnard, and industry experts from Go City & DragonPass to gain insight into what it takes to win the Asian travellers of today and tomorrow.

Learn more about:

  • Mainstream and emerging travel trends in APAC
  • Green Travel and how travel is responding to the digital nomad
  • What being hyperlocal means for ‘travel appeal’
  • Futures where travelling through the minds builds wellbeing

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Angelia Teo
Head of Futures & Innovation 
Consulting by Kantar, Singapore 



Celine Isnard 
Senior Director 
Consulting by Kantar, Singapore 



Rom Remy
Managing Director
Dragon Pass, APAC



Dawn Jeremiah
Vice President, Marketing & E-Commerce
Go City, APAC

The future of APAC travel today 
We’re en route to recovery and the APAC traveller is returning with brand new expectations.
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