Cooking from home in Thailand

Thailand’s at-home economy remains strong, with Food Preparation booming, while shopper behaviours continue to evolve.
03 February 2022
Varist Limpatawonpong

New Business Development Manager, Worldpanel Division, Thailand

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The impact of COVID-19 has hit Thailand hard, accelerating a major shift in FMCG shopping behaviour. As the government imposed lockdowns and curfews, people visited stores less and stayed at home more, and a new trend emerged: the ‘at home economy.’ Online shopping, food delivery and home cooking all increased in importance.

Our report, Cooking from home: Unlock the lockdown, explores the changing trends in Thailand’s food sector, looking closely at how consumers’ demands, purchase behaviour and spending evolved in the year from the third quarter of 2020 to the third quarter of 2021.

Has the tendency to stock up on products, witnessed at the start of the pandemic, continued? What are Thai consumers buying and cooking? Where are they shopping – and does this vary from one region to another? Which innovations and communications will capture shoppers’ evolving tastes and cooking styles?

Setting the findings within the wider macro context, the paper also explains how changing market demographics – such as increased urbanisation and shrinking household sizes – are influencing everything from channel choice to pack size.

Brand owners and retailers will learn about:

  • Why Food Preparation became the standout sub-sector during lockdown
  • Which channels are most important for food shoppers across Thailand
  • The fastest growing categories in Food – including the major growth drivers in the Consumable and Snack sub-sectors
  • The leading ecommerce platforms, and which types of food shoppers are buying online
  • The opportunities for new segments to capture unmet needs and desires
  • The key takeaways that FMCG brands need to understand in order to adapt to Thai consumers’ changing needs and behaviours.

Read the report by clicking above, and reach out to our experts for further information.

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