The who, why and when behind category and brand growth

Understanding food and drink consumption moments means understanding which products could realistically be chosen.
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Product Director, Usage Solutions

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Food and drink products are there to fulfil a purpose. Which products you choose to fulfil that purpose depends on a complex combination of who you are and what’s important to you. Add in who you’re with, when and where you are, and the needs you have at the point contribute to the decision about what to consume or buy.

British consumers have 82 billion food and drink consumption moments every year, each with its own combination of who, when and why shaping the decisions leading to that moment. Understanding what shapes these decisions means understanding which products could realistically be chosen. Knowing this means that manufacturers and retailers can ensure range is relevant and communication resonates well with target audiences.

Demand Spaces takes the complexity of these billions of decisions and distils them into rich, nuanced, targetable segments. Harnessing this depth and detail in a simple framework means that businesses can intelligently and confidently quantify and prioritise growth opportunities. The many angles from which demand spaces can be understood gives them many applications – from strategic to tactical, and from planning to activation – which in turn allows all teams and stakeholders to speak in the same language and pull in the same direction.

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