Future Proof: How Cinépolis used humour to bring audiences back to the cinema after COVID-19

A conversation with Angel Villanueva on Cinépolis' award-winning ad and the future of cinema advertising.
28 April 2023
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How do you use emotions effectively in advertising? In this episode, we dive into the power of humour in advertising with a special focus on the cinema industry. Jane Ostler, Global EVP Thought Leadership at Kantar, sits down with Angel Villanueva, CMO of Cinépolis, to discuss their Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards-winning ad that used humour to invite people back to the cinema after the COVID-19 pandemic. They explore the insights and strategy behind this successful campaign and talk about the cinema experience, and how cinema is evolving.

Jane and Angel also delve into the cinema theaters as a channel and how it's evolving with programmatic advertising and discuss about the latest innovations in cinema theaters to make the cinema experience unique. Tune in now.

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