COVID-19’s lasting impact on shopper behaviour

In this episode of Retail Sound Bites, we review changes to shopper behaviour by segments, predict what’s next, and suggest steps you can take now.
04 August 2020
Sound Bites
Mary Brett Whitfield
Brett Whitfield

Senior Vice President, Consulting Division

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With a growing list of unknowns surrounding regional reopening, back-to-school, and the return to normal, it’s more important than ever to keep a close connection to the shopper.  

Key takeaways from this episode of the Retail Sound Bites podcast include:

  • Insights around shopper sentiment and key concerns
  • The approach to online vs. in-store purchases across key categories
  • An exploration of seasonal shopping behaviour, with a focus on back-to-school
  • A picture of evolving shopper behaviour, so that you have the input you need to inform your plans for the second half of 2020.

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