JICMAIL: Uncovering the value of mail with Kantar

With Kantar’s Dr Christopher Thresher-Andrews and JICMAIL’s Engagement Manager Mark Cross.
19 September 2023

In this podcast, Kantar’s Dr Christopher Thresher-Andrews and JICMail’s Engagement Manager Mark Cross talk about the JICMail programme in the UK, the insights it has uncovered and the impact it has had in proving the mail channel’s unique value-proposition and giving marketers the data they need to make the case for mail’s inclusion in the marketing mix at the start of campaign planning.



They cover:

  • Creating the mail equivalent of TV audience measurement
  • Demonstrating the value of mail, including business mail
  • JICMail's background and ownership
  • Helping marketers understand audience data for mail
  • Making data accessible and easy-to-use
  • Advertisers and agencies need data to include mail in campaigns
  • Direct mail's perception challenges
  • How some digital channels take credit for conversions
  • How mail behaviours are measured
  • Preserving direct mail revenues
  • How mail engagement metrics compare to other channels
  • Mail's life in the home
  • Purchase behaviour initiated by mail across age groups
  • Growing interaction with mail
  • How can "attention" be measured?
  • Using video analytics to measure mail engagement
  • Why should posts care about direct mail?
  • Unlocking new capabilities of mail
  • Making mail use effective and habitual

Recorded for the postal hub podcast in July 2023

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