Infographic: COVID-19 citizen impact in the G7

View highlights of three waves of our COVID-19 study measuring impact on society, including income, approval of government, and views of ‘after’.
15 June 2020
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As the world battles the ongoing challenges from the Coronavirus crisis, with governments planning their transition to the ‘new normal’, Kantar has been  monitoring the impact the pandemic is having on people’s lives, personal finances and outlook on the future.

Between March and June, we conducted three waves of research across the G7 to better understand how society was feeling in the impacts of COVID-19 and how people perceived and rated their governments' response.

This infographic offers a look at some of the key trends seen in the G7 between March and June, as well as some of the key differences between countries. 

G7 Citizen Impact 1 Income

G7 Citizen Impact 2 Change

G7 Citizen Impact 3 After

Download the full infographic here

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