FutureView webinar: Pandemics, Politics & Business

This webinar offers a consolidated overview of the swirl of events, risks and opportunities unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has occurred in the middle of a polarised political season.
25 February 2020
J Walker Smith
Walker Smith

Knowledge Lead, North America

Just a few weeks ago, nothing loomed larger in America than the November presidential election. Suddenly, nothing looms larger anywhere than the global outbreak of COVID-19. Yet politics continues to matter. Just look at how public health has been left dangling as politics and the coronavirus have become knotted up in a tangle of ideological tit for tat. Apparently, even a pandemic can't push politics to the back burner.

The old saying that culture eats strategy for breakfast needs updating. Politics has eaten culture for lunch, and the implications for brand strategy, not to mention society at large, are still being digested. Not just in the U.S. but all around the world, questions about the impact of partisan ideology loom larger than ever. Politics matters a lot in the pandemic at hand, and this will be the first perspective that brings these together. 

In this FutureView webinar, in the shadow of this nerve-wracking season of primaries and pandemics, Kantar Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith shares a view and outlines a framework for stewarding brands through the divide-and-conquer political landscape now shaping the unfolding of the future.

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