Mastering behaviour change for a changing world

A new, three-day immersive programme in Singapore adapted for the APAC region with a future focus.
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Managing Director, Public Division Singapore

The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) in Singapore and Kantar partner to deliver a new, three-day immersive programme adapted for the APAC region and with a future-focus.

The course will bring together leading scholars from LKYSPP and strategic consultants from Kantar.

From 27 to 29 November 2019, this cross-disciplinary team of scholars will explore the power of behavioural insights in policy work. Through the fields of cognitive and social psychology, economics and neuroscience, participants will learn how to analyse behavioural issues and evaluate their effectiveness for policy and practice.

Despite growing interest and investment in behavioural science, uncovering and applying relevant insights in a real-world context remain challenging - particularly when the context in which we operate is rapidly evolving. Technology, digital developments and social media are transforming the way we behave, connect with each other and consume information. Shifting power dynamics and increasing polarisation call for greater trust, engagement and collaboration between governments and citizens.

The course has been designed for mid-level public sector officers who guide the development of behaviour change policies, programmes and marketing and communication strategies. With a focus on applied learning, participants will team up to work on real-world problems.

Participants will also:

  • Sharpen skills in designing, planning, executing and evaluating large and small scale behaviour change interventions across different policy areas and programmes
  • Discover new methods and tools for measuring and understanding behaviour, including the use of big data and advanced analytics to identify patterns and driver of behaviour
  • Become familiar with leading models and frameworks for diagnosing behavioural influences, assessing commitment rather than just intention to change, and measuring return on investment
  • Learn how these simple and pragmatic frameworks and approaches can be applied in real policy contexts, by working through Kantar's 6-stage behaviour change process
  • Explore the best mix of policy levers to achieve desired policy and behavioural objectives, with a focus on data-driven and digital-first solutions