Winning Omnichannel: Focus on Latin America

What impact has the global pandemic had on retail and consumer behaviour in Latin America, and how can brands navigate this complex landscape?
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Lenita Vargas

Shopper & Retail Director, Worldpanel Division, Latam

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Adapting to the unknown is one of the challenges we face from the COVID-19 pandemic. It has had a profound impact on our lives, and the disruption it has caused is likely to continue.

We have changed the way we shop during isolation, starting from the assortment to have the essentials to stay home, to our eating, working and socialising habits. The changes people have made, in order to take care of their health, have been disruptive for both mass consumption products and the marketing channels and retailers.

In this Winning Omnichannel Latam report, we want to share with you the global impacts the pandemic has had, and dive into how it is affecting retail and consumer commerce in Latin America, helping you understand how to navigate this complex and changing world.

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