Finding growth in the Brazilian beverages market

Read our white paper to learn more about the performance of in-home and out-of-home, and changing consumption occasions.
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For the past three years the beverages market has performed behind total FMCG, therefore its importance declined from 15% (12 months ending September 2016) to 14.6% (12 months ending September 2018). The market in Brazil is significant, complex and experiencing challenging times. However, there are opportunities to grow.

Our new paper Finding growth in the Brazilian beverages market covers the market dynamic between In & Out of Home performance, the identification of competition at the consumption occasion, and how the need of the occasion changes between In & Out of Home.

We have also identified four important areas for brands and manufacturers to consider when building a category strategy for future growth:

  1. Understanding the nature of the market
  2. Having an In & Out of Home strategy
  3. Appealing to the moment of consumption
  4. Tailoring to different consumption needs In & Out of Home

Download the full report and get the full picture of the beverages market evolution in Brazil.

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