Growth Foundations: A guide to post-COVID-19 Assortment and Portfolio basics for CPG

As retail growth settles, FMCG companies must understand which shifts in shopper behaviour will persist, and how they can establish a strong growth foundation.
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John Maingi

Head of Category Analytics, Consulting Division, UK

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The global pandemic had a huge impact on FMCG, which resulted in unprecedented growth, in particular for Take-Home categories and brands. During the uncertainty of 2020, more households shopped more often than during pre-COVID times, and purchased more in terms of pack counts. Retailers quickly had to adjust formats and in-store experiences to meet the needs and demands of COVID-19 shoppers.

As growth tapers, both brands and retailers will need to determine a more sustainable approach to meeting shopper needs. For the FMCG industry, the biggest challenge ahead is to understand how much of the changes in shopper behaviour are long term, and what can be done to build a growth foundation in-store in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

As we emerge from the storm and enter the next phase of change, our white paper can help you understand what shifts and demands to focus on. This guide will also help you prioritise a strategy and determine the crucial steps to take to continue to win in a retracted market. With FMCG growth expected to grow between 2.2% – 5.2% in 2021 (vs. 10%+ in 2020), you’ll want to ensure you build back the basics of a strong growth foundation for your business.

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