Thinking of others: choice, trust, satisfaction

What the new reference points of choice, trust and satisfaction mean for the marketplace of tomorrow.
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J Walker Smith
Walker Smith

Knowledge Lead, North America

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What other people think and how things affect others, for better or for worse, matter more than ever. This is a significant pivot in the frame of reference that guides how people make decisions. The importance of others diminished significantly, if not almost altogether, after individualism took hold in the late 1960s.

This is now reversing course, and even as it seems that self-seeking values are in ascendance, a turnaround is at work. Going forward, values rooted in enclaves, covenants, kinship, ecosystems, class, consideration and even altruism will reshape the marketplace in convergent and divergent ways, both in terms of what brands must offer and how businesses should operate.

In this presentation, we dig into this emerging and fundamental shift in values and what it means for success and growth.

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