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Who is winning the retail race amidst the COVID-19 crisis? Kantar’s retail forecasts reveal the updated top 50 global retailers.
10 June 2020
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Todd Szahun

Senior Vice President, Consulting Division

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Kantar’s latest rankings of the top global retailers show some significant declines for major retailers. The Kantar team reviews its retailer forecasts each spring, but this refresh is even more critical in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Highlights among the top 50 global retailers include:

  • As they did in our December 2019 global top 50 list, Walmart, Amazon, and Costco held the top three spots.
  • Based on direct sales estimates, Alibaba moved up two places to 19th, while China’s dropped two places to ninth.
  • We expect most European grocers to fall in the future by two or more places due to the growth of Chinese ecommerce retailers.
  • FamilyMart UNY and TJX declined notably. FamilyMart UNY fell four places, from 28th to 32nd, while TJX fell six places, from 29th to 35th.
  • Fast Retailing, which was 47th last time, could not hold a spot at the bottom of the list this time.
  • Ceconomy, Europe’s biggest electronics retailer, which failed to make the top 50 in December 2019, landed in 47th.
  • Dollar Tree made the list in the 48th spot.
  • Retailers worth keeping an eye on: Jerónimo Martins and Decathlon. Both are advancing, and we expect them to make a future top 50 global list.

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