60 Seconds in China: Social Media Infographic

Our infographic on “60 Seconds in China” focuses on how brands are using some of the most popular social platforms.
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Kantar has today released its annual infographic uncovering “60 Seconds in China” with special focus this year on how brands are using some of China’s most popular social media platforms to gain visibility, interact with consumers and convert to purchase.

The data highlights both the challenges for brands in gaining share of voice in a crowded, fast-moving marketplace, but also the significant rewards in securing brand advocacy and direct sales when branded content campaigns are executed effectively.

Earlier this year Kantar revealed the latest trends of China’s over 700m active social media users in China*, this snapshot of a typical minute in social media highlights the intensity of brand activities across paid, owned & earned social media.

Key learnings from the infographic include:

  • Tik Tok – one of China’s fasting-growing viral video platforms – is seeing more than 100,000 paid-ad views every 60 seconds.
  • Red – a photo-sharing mobile app where users tag their image uploads with product handles – is recording more than half a million product-related posts in the same period.
  • Brands are publishing more than 1,200 WeChat articles and sending more than 22,000 direct-to-consumer emails every 60 seconds.
  • TMall – a prominent social e-commerce platform – has sales of more than 8.5m yuan (1.2m USD) every minute.

Commenting on this year’s data, Jackie Jin, Head of Research at Kantar Media CIC states, “Data collection is usually based on the unit of ‘day’, while ‘minute’ is a concept that is often overlooked. But for brands, every minute on social media is crucial. When data is converted to minutes, brands can intuitively feel the rapid flow of social data as part of their intensifying efforts to capture consumers' attention.”

Coolio Yang, CEO of Kantar Media CIC added: "The rapid development of social media requires industry professionals to have acute insights at all times. The only constant in social media is the need to explore new engaging ways to develop content and relationship with users. Kantar Media CIC is well placed to demonstrate how a ‘Connected Intelligence’ approach can help brands to make sense of this rapidly-evolving social media landscape." 

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