Social Media Trends 2018

Kantar releases its eighth annual "Social Media Trends 2018" report.

Since the first release of our annual trends, social networks have advanced that it is now difficult to confine them to being described by words like ‘social’ or ‘media’.

Over the years, we've seen the landscape evolve and this year is no different. We've seen newcomers trying to compete with established ‘social networks’ and today's competition for your attention on social is not longer the playground of the traditional networks such as Twitter & LinkedIn.

Now the competition comes from many other players. Amazon’s launch of Spark, a social network for its shoppers or its powerful advertising platform, which directly competes with players like Facebook. As well as the likes of Amazon, marketers need to be looking to China to understand how a Chinese consumers are different and every interaction is a social experience.

Along with new players, there are new technologies disrupting our lives and ensuring technology & data becomes a normality. With the rise of home assistant devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home or the coming Facebook Aloha are yet another example that proves these giant’s goal to become seamlessly integrated into your daily life.

All these trends and more are available in our Social Media Trends 2018 report.