Are citizens ready to change their lifestyle to address the climate crisis?

In issue 4 of our journal, PUBLIC, we take a closer look at attitudes towards the environment, sustainability, and climate change.
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It’s clear that climate change is one of the most important issues facing humanity. But how do people across the world respond to the challenges, and what can be done at a policy level?

This fourth edition of our journal, PUBLIC, showcases some of our recent work on environmental action, alongside new insights from our global research on public attitudes towards the climate crisis.

Our policy experts share deep expertise on citizens’ underlying tensions in this area, including the gap between their intentions and behaviour, aka the Value-Action Gap.

Explore our insights and thinking on:

  • The individual and collective responsibility for climate action
  • How we can help build a more sustainable society
  • European attitudes to climate change, and the implications for governments
  • Accelerating the shift to reusable packaging, and getting recycling right

Click here to read PUBLIC: Our planet issue.

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