Sustainable Futures: MAX Burgers, shaping a greener future one bite at a time

From Green Burgers to climate-labelled menus, join this episode to explore MAX Burgers' Impact in Polish and Scandinavian markets.
22 August 2023
max burgers podcast
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In this week's Sustainable Futures podcast, Jonathan Hall and his guests explore the captivating world of sustainable food particularly in the Polish and Scandinavian markets. Jonathan talks with Kaj Török, Chief Sustainability Officer at MAX Burgers, and Katarzyna Zalewska, Client Development and Commercial Lead at Kantar's Sustainable Transformation Practice. Together, they uncover MAX Burgers’ journey, Sweden's oldest burger chain and a pioneer in sustainable practices.

MAX Burgers introduced burgers to the Swedish market and leads the way with Sweden's greenest burger menu. Their sustainability report showcases the initiatives implemented, including climate-labelled menus and carbon offsetting through tree planting.

Katarzyna Zalewska, from Kantar, provides valuable insights into the contrasting landscapes of market maturity and sustainability awareness between Poland and Scandinavian countries. She brings attention to the concept of the value-action gap, shedding light on how attitudes, cultural factors, and different levels of market maturity significantly influence the behaviour of individuals and businesses in the field of sustainability.

The podcast also delves into MAX Burgers' success in the Polish market, particularly with the introduction of their famous green burgers. Kaj emphasises the significance of offering products and services with a lower carbon footprint, emphasising the role of taste in driving sustainability choices.


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