Sustainable Futures: How to bridge the organisational and consumer intention-action gaps

How marketers & their agencies must adopt a sustainable future and empower their companies to unleash the level of innovation and momentum required to advance their sustainability transformations.
20 April 2023
How to bridge the organisational and consumer intention-action gaps
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In this week’s episode, Jonathan Hall is joined by Dominic Powers, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer for Dentsu in Asia Pacific, and Trez Chan, Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation lead for APAC. Tune in to learn more about the Kantar-Dentsu collaboration on the role of Marketing in driving sustainable growth in Asia Pacific.

The ground-breaking Marketing a better future report brings together learnings from interviews with marketing and sustainability thought leaders, Kantar and Dentsu data, and consumer and brand analytics, and highlights the dual disconnect: the consumer intention-action gap and the organisational intention-action gap. Key to the transformation will be re-imagining the role of Marketing with sustainability at its core and removing the frictions across the consumer journey.

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