Kantar study explores digital advertising’s role in building brand penetration

Pioneering approach uncovers how to optimise the digital and TV mix to drive ROAS, sales and penetration for CPG advertisers.
11 October 2023
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kerry corke

Global Media Director, Worldpanel Division

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Optimising advertising spend has never been more important. Brand marketers are under huge pressure to make an impact amid rising costs and shrinking budgets, and capture share of wallet from consumers who are struggling financially.

As spend is increasingly shifted to digital channels, this raises tough questions for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. How can they prove whether digital campaigns are worth the investment when it comes to achieving return on ad spend (ROAS)? Do they also have the potential to generate additional sales, and grow the shopper base? Does TV serve specific objectives that digital cannot?

In a study commissioned by Meta, Kantar’s Worldpanel division set out to explore the effectiveness of digital advertising – in this analysis, on Facebook and Instagram – alongside TV advertising.

Looking through the shopper’s lens

The study applied powerful statistical techniques to uncover the relationships between advertising and sales, using Kantar’s Consumer Media Measure (CMM) modelling solution. Data from Meta on consumers’ actual exposure to ads was captured, then integrated with real purchase behaviour data from Kantar Worldpanel’s consumer panels, on the very same individuals.

The full findings from the study have been published: Optimising the digital and TV mix for CPG advertising: A unique approach to linking exposure to sales. They demonstrate the exciting potential of using consumer-centric data to precisely determine an advertising campaign’s contribution to sales and brand growth, on any channel.

Download the study now and reach out to our experts for further information.

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