Understanding Turkish TV viewers

How are TV viewing habits changing in Turkey?
17 April 2019
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This year is the 30th anniversary of TV Audience Measurement in Turkey. The measurement process, which started with 150 households, has now reached about 4,400 households. In 1989, we had only real-time television (linear) transmissions, a few TV channels available to watch, television sets with conventional terrestrial antennas were located in living rooms, and standard people meter devices were used for measurement.

Kantar’s Media Division Deputy Managing Director – Turkey - Akin Sahin and TIAK’s Head of Technical Committee Ogün Doğan Akyol were present at the 22nd Research Summit of the Turkish Researcher’s Association to discuss how TV viewing habits are changing in Turkey and their impact on its media industry.

Audience measurement concepts and the media environment have changed: concepts of “Time-Shifted Viewing,” “Extended TV,” “Digital Platforms,” “Focal Meter,” “Consolidated Reports” are now included in the measurement process. The expression of “Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device” describes best the current TV viewing behavior and related measurement efforts in the World.

It has become even more sophisticated to understand the audience in the face of these developments and changing media consumption patterns. Advertisers, TV broadcasters and media professionals are all looking to understand all the aspects of viewers in the TV medium, which has the highest share in ad expenditures.

Now, all software and hardware that is used in audience measurement and reporting analytics are aiming to measure the viewing of audiences from anywhere, on any device and at any time in order to understand the viewers holistically.

Emerging technologies and the rise of digitalization are also affecting the TV industry. In this context, what are the innovative trends affecting TV Audience Measurements and the current status in leading countries? Which innovative areas did Turkey become one of the leading countries in the past two years? What will be the expected scope of audience measurements in the future of the fast-changing media world? These are all questions that Kantar’s Media Division and TIAK will carry on exploring together as TV viewing habits continues to evolve.

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