Why choose LIFT ROI?


Up to 40% growth in marketing ROI


Sales forecasts with 90% accuracy


Future-proof through cookieless modeling


Find the perfect balance between brand and performance marketing


Insights at the most granular level


10x faster insights through continuous data input


Integrates the quality of the creatives


Simulate and optimize marketing budget on an intuitive platform

Maximize the impact of media and marketing.

To navigate successfully as a brand in an increasingly complex media landscape, it's essential to map in detail how various elements contribute to sales. LIFT ROI is a holistic method to evaluate and optimize your marketing effectiveness. It enables fast and substantiated strategic decision-making in the realm of media and marketing.


  • You quantify the contribution of your marketing to your sales;
  • You measure the impact of all internal and external factors on your business performance;
  • You optimize your future campaigns using AI;
  • You simulate scenarios and receive predictions of your business performance.
Increase the ROI of your marketing efforts by up to 40%

LIFT ROI maps the relative contribution of the complete marketing mix, the synergies between channels and their short and long-term impact on sales and brand equity. It encompasses every step to reach your target audience, the role of the brand, and a plethora of external variables.

Why is it important to understand how media affects your brand equity? Kantar research indicates that the base sales of brands steadily decline as the allocation of the marketing mix is too heavily focused on performance marketing. Especially in challenging times, such as during a recession, a good balance between brand and performance marketing is essential for sustainable brand growth.

LIFT ROI is a holistic state-of-the-art methodology that offers you detailed insights to strategically allocate budgets across various marketing instruments.

Optimize your media budget through an intuitive and interactive dashboard

LIFT ROI adapts to your business needs and is accessible 24/7 through an intuitive platform. In it, you optimize your media budget almost in real-time thanks to continuous data input. Users can view the data at different levels. For example, at the publisher, campaign, and product level. In addition to media factors, it provides insight into all other factors that influence sales. Such as brand, PR, competitor activities, seasonal effects, distribution, and more.

LIFT ROI delivers 360° insights regarding campaign performance. It enables you to easily experiment with scenario tests and different budgetary or sales-focused goals. It's a one-source-of-truth. A hub between your team, internal stakeholders, and marketing and creative agencies.

Specifically, LIFT ROI offers you the following insights:

  • Media Insights: Monitoring and management of campaigns.
  • Business Insights: Transparent view of the effects of all internal and external factors on your business performance.
  • Predictions: Simulation of scenarios based on specific budgets or business objectives.
  • Activities: Overview and results of conducted simulations and scenarios.
Identify your most successful campaigns and most effective media channels to optimize your media budget

Measure the factors with the greatest impact on your organization.

Simulate various scenarios, make accurate predictions, and optimize your campaigns.
Creative quality as a success factor for your media efforts.
An integral part of LIFT ROI is quantifying the impact of creative effectiveness on sales and brand value. Creative quality is often overlooked in marketing effectiveness studies, but along with media investments and media allocation, it is an essential explanatory factor for the ROI of your marketing campaigns. LIFT ROI helps shape and adjust the strategy and execution of future advertisements.
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