Arla: Leading European dairy cooperative with unique products and distinctive communication

21 december 2023
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In 2000, Danish and Swedish dairy cooperatives merged to found Arla, following a long history of cooperative partnerships in Sweden and Denmark. With a focus on their farmers, and the nutritional quality of products, sustainability has been a key focus area of their business. 

 As presented in the graph below, Arla grew into a visible, varied, and accessible brand by building strong relationships in its home market, with exceptional salience amongst consumers. In 2020, they launched their first plant-based products, taking another step towards sustainability. By launching Arla’s climate ambition, Arla continues to tackle sustainability issues in their sector, including animal cruelty and climate change.  

 Kantar’s Sustainability Sector Index 2023 shows the most relevant sustainability concerns in not only the dairy industry but in 41 other sectors as well. Curious about what the most relevant sustainability concerns in your sector are?  Download the booklet


Graph Arla

Source: BrandZ, Sweden Dairy and Milk Products, 2022



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