Guinness becomes Britain's top pint with distinctive branding and emotive lockdown response

13 juni 2024
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The most popular pint in Britain

In 1759, Arthur Guinness bought a small brewery in Dublin. The brewery produced a variety of different beers before solely concentrating in 1799 on the stout beer that we know as Guinness today.

At present, Guinness is available in over 150 countries and was the 15th most valuable alcohol brand in the world in 2022 at $4,431m, an increase of 15% versus 2021. In Britain, the brand now accounts for 1 in every 9 pints pulled, making it Britain’s most popular pint.

Utilising its heritage and brand assets to create a highly distinctive brand

Guinness stands out as a highly distinctive and specialist brand with strong provenance.

Guinness MDS

Kantar BrandZ, Guinness, Beers – Bitters Ales and Stouts, UK, 2021


Guinness has consistently used strong and simple brand assets in its advertising, which can be creatively deployed with a variety of different messages. “What is key to making Guinness so distinctive is the quarter white and three quarters black pint, which is unmistakably Guinness and our most memorable key brand asset.” Neil Shah, Head of Guinness in the UK

A commitment to long term brand building during Covid

During the Covid lockdowns, Guinness responded emotively through its ‘Looks Like Guinness’ campaign. Off the back of a social media trend during lockdown where consumers posted images of everyday objects that reminded them of Guinness, the brand’s advert included similar images set to the soundtrack of ‘Always on my mind’, in anticipation of pubs finally opening again. 

Guinness benefitted from the extra share of voice gained as other brands reduced their media spend during lockdown. The brand built consumers desire for a Guinness pint in a pub, causing sales to soar when the on-trade re-opened. 

“The brands that kept their brand burning during the darkness of Covid were the ones that grew the most when the market eventually returned.” Mark Ritson, Marketing Professor

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