How McDonald's three core pillars for brand growth transformed them into a more meaningfully different brand

30 april 2024
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Maximise Marketing

The first pillar was to maximise marketing through ‘creative excellence’. In 2020 McDonald’s launched its ‘Famous Orders’ campaign based on the premise that people are fascinated by what their heroes choose as their order.

As well as forming a creative campaign, ‘famous orders’ also became special editions to the menu.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Millie Bobby Brown, Whoopi Goldberg, Magic Johnson and American rapper Saweetie (above) took part in the campaign.


Commitment to the Core

The second element of the strategy was to ‘find new ways to bring our core menu to life’. This included improving classic items as well as introducing new items to the menu such as the Chicken Big Mac & the McCrispy Chicken Sandwich.

McDonald’s has become more  meaningfully different to consumers helping to support both volume share & justify price increases

McDonald's MDS

Source: Kantar BrandZ USA, Fast Food 2022,2020

Double down on the 4Ds

The third focus area was to continue to grow digital, delivery, drive thru & development. In 2021, McDonald’s introduced its loyalty programme which now has over 25million active customers in the USA alone. The brand has also has continued to improve its McDelivery service which it runs through partners such as DoorDash and Uber Eats.

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