Nivea's strong growth stems from providing great value in inflationary time

11 juli 2024
Nivea Header

German skincare brand Nivea offers a wide range of products for body care, face care, lip care, deodorants, and sun protection.

In 2024, the brand's value has reached $7,267 million, marking a 19% increase compared to 2023. This substantial double-digit year-over-year growth in brand value has been driven by price increases, which the brand has successfully justified through its strong equity.  

Nivea represents a convenient choice for consumers. Easy to find with its distinctive logo, Nivea provides 'Functional Beauty' with its strong product performance.

As a meaningfully different brand with a low price relative to its competitors, Nivea offers a great value proposition. As such it has continued to grow volume in its face care range, despite increasing prices.  

Kantar BrandZ Female Beauty & Skincare, Germany, 2023

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