As Tesla creates deeper consumer connections with a wider audience, the brand moves from Outsider to Specialist and Aspirational

15 maart 2024
Tesla Header

An innovative brand built on innovative technology

Named after the 20th century electrical engineer, Tesla was founded in 2003 with the aim to prove that electric cars are not only just as good as gasoline cars, but potentially better. The company has successfully grown, with a revenue of $54 billion USD globally in 2021, including $24 billion generated in the USA alone.

Whilst Tesla remains an Outsider in most markets, with Meaning and Salience lagging far below Difference, the brand is beginning to adjust this profile, recently moving to Specialist in some markets and has reached the Aspirational typology in the USA.

MSD Tesla

Tesla has strong corporate reputation and has long been a favorite among investors - leading the way in the category with its first mover advantage into the EV market and edge in innovative technology. 

The brand’s distinctive look and feel, coupled with its EV proposition has also helped differentiate the brand among consumers. 

Tesla is now the number one car brand as valued by Kantar BrandZ, with its 2022 growth in brand value dwarfing that of its nearest competitor. Recently the brand has been growing its presence as well as its emotional connection with a wider consumer audience wanting to pursue more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Tesla is building stronger and deeper mental connections with a wider audience and this is translating into a growth in consumer demand.

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