Uber finds new space for growth by expanding into new markets, categories and areas of travel

06 juni 2024
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Expansion across the world

Launched in San Francisco in 2009 as an app-based taxi-hailing platform, Uber provided a smoother digital experience for taxi users. After quick adoption in the USA it soon expanded across the world, and now operates in over 70 markets. With strong penetration and Future Power in its home market, Uber is well positioned to find new space for growth. As Uber excels at understanding the traveling needs and habits of local markets, ensuring that its expansion into new areas of travel aligns perfectly with the local context.

Expansion into new categories

Uber leveraged its user-friendly app and existing delivery network to enter the rapidly growing online food delivery market. To make online takeaway orders even more seamless, Uber Eats focused on consumer demands for affordability, speed, and 24/7 availability. Following its initial success in Canada in 2015, Uber Eats now operates in 45 countries and serves approximately 88 million users.

Moreover, Uber has consistently adapted to meet local needs, introducing motorbikes in Brazil and enabling traditional taxi bookings via the Uber app in Italy. Recently, Uber launched Uber Rent, a car rental service, to further its goal of becoming a “one-stop mobility app.” This new service allows users to compare, reserve, and pay for rental cars within the Uber app, which is now also available in the Netherlands.

Extension into new areas of travel

Building on its strong positioning in the UK as an advanced, convenient, disruptive, and distinct brand, Uber has begun exploring plans to become a one-stop shop for all travel needs in this market. Recognizing that many of its top-requested taxi destinations in the UK were airports or train stations,

Uber announced its intentions in 2022 to introduce train, coach, flight, and Eurostar bookings to its app. This move aims to provide users with a seamless door-to-door travel experience all in one app. As part of this initiative, Uber has successfully launched its new train services in London, following a successful awareness campaign.

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