Kantar session about purpose

Discussing on how to overcome purpose paralysis, the building blocks to defining purpose and how to take the first steps.
28 maart 2022
Carol Ansara_NL

Director Brand Strategy & Guidance, Insights Division

Erzsi Eleveld

Client Service Director

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We are excited to announce that Kantar will participate in the WPP event 'The Power of Creativity in advancing the Sustainability Agenda' on Thursday, April 21. This live event brings together the creative industry in Amsteldok to create positive impact by building a better future for our people, planet and clients. And you are invited!

Kantar will bring some valuable insights and the client perspective on brand purpose and sustainability. Some brands have “doing good” as part of their DNA, while others are doing a lot of good yet grapple with how to navigate the commercial returns and risks. We discuss the journey to overcoming the purpose paralysis that exists in so many businesses, the building blocks to defining purpose and how to take the first steps.

Next to Kantar's contribution, you can participate in a series of interactive sessions, with a full agenda to choose from: panel discussions, keynotes, workshops, our ‘sustainability marketplace’, and of course closing drinks and bites.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with other CMO’s, marketing and comms managers; chief sustainability officers and many other stakeholders on how to adapt to the growing sustainability challenges and opportunities, creating a sustainable model for your company and the creative industry.

During this event, follow many interactive sessions to:

  • Get inspired by others (experts, agency suppliers, peers) to tackle common sustainability challenges
  • Showcase exemplary work in the field
  • Collaborate and build partnerships to work together as an industry towards a more sustainable future

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Practical information

When: Thursday, April 21
Where: WPP Campus Amsteldok (Amsteldijk 166, 1079 LH, Amsterdam)
Time: 15:00 - 20:00 (including bites and drinks)

Would you like to know more about the contents of this event and our session? Or are you curious how we at Kantar can help you with your sustainability enquiries? Feel free to contact us!

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