Webinar | Learn how Vrumona, Mediacom and JDE use fast consumer insights to grow their business

On June 24th we organised a panel discussion with JDE, Vrumona and Mediacom on how they apply agility and consumer insights in their decision making processes.
24 juni 2021
Webinar consumer insights
Hugo Schurink_The Netherlands

Business Development Manager Kantar Marketplace

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Is the world at a media agency faster than ever? What are the latest trends in the media landscape? What are hot topics in the coffee business? And what is refreshing at Vrumona? Have their consumers changed their behaviors and in what way? How do you deliver insights at speed in your organization?

By watching the recording of the webinar you will learn more about the role of insights in their organizations and how important the balance between speed, quality and budget is.

For us at Kantar the event is a success if you get inspiration for your day-to-day practice. Register now and find out from our lovely clients in just 45 minutes how they make insights work in their organizations. Fun guaranteed!

Watch the recording of the webinar

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