Webinar | Customer Experience in times of crisis - smash the script

28 mei 2020
webinar CX
Niels Berndsen_NL

Regional Director Customer Experience

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The heightened emotions during the crisis make this a period where long lasting memories are going to be made. One of the first imperatives in this situation is to reimagine your customer journeys. Do you know what your customer prefers? Are your journeys ready for rapid, lasting change? Do you know the impact?
During our webinar on Thursday the 28th of May we shared best practices from clients across the world, findings from global surveys and tips on how to ensure your customers benefit. It contained practical next steps to adapt your CX program for the short and long-term.

Presentation slides

You can dowload the presentation slides here.


A recording of the webinar is now available. Sign up by using the button below.

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