Giving Audi the confidence to air new creative

With real audience insights, we helped the auto brand improve (and shorten) a TV ad that wasn't getting them the results they needed.
185% increase in sales


Link results revealed that Audi Quattro’s new 60-second ad “Ahab”  was polarising and poorly branded. They needed to develop a new version to achieve a greater return on investment (ROI).


Learning from Link coupled with Facial Coding helped us give inputs to create a 30 second cut-down of the ad. We used Link Express to quickly check that it would overcome some of the issues with the 60-second ad, and could deliver better ROI.


Link Express revealed that the 30 second cut-down had stronger branding and was less polarising (creating stronger enjoyment), contributing to branded impact in the top 30% of all ads tested. We advised that airing the 30-second version would give Audi a better chance of engaging and communicating to more consumers than the 60-second ad, and would save media dollars.


Audi aired “Ahab 30” throughout the year and it contributed to Audi’s best sales year yet - 18.5% above the record set in the prior year!

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