Optimising the pack strategy for premium beer brands

A global drink and brewing company came to Kantar for insights to help them maximise market share.


Our client needed insight to determine what pack strategy to pursue by country. More specifically, what premium global client brands are preferred in each country? What is the optimal product line to maximise sales amongst the global premium brands?


To inform the pack strategy, Kantar conducted a discrete choice study. This approach allowed us to evaluate 50-80 country-specific beer products. The choice exercise included SKU/brand and price only, and the relevant competitive set.


We evaluated country-specific pack strategies that took into consideration country-specific dynamics.

Strategies included using smaller bottle sizes to drive greater penetration and increase premium perceptions, while launching larger pack sizes to maximise volume share and revenue growth.


The client used the insights to build pack and price strategies to maximise share growth for their key global brands within the respective countries. They also applied these strategies in other countries with similar levels of brand and category development.

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