Optimising creative mid-campaign to grow a hospitality brand

Optimising creative mid-campaign
We helped this leading UK brand understand the impact of their advertising investment quickly.


Our client, a major UK hospitality brand, needed to quickly understand in-market campaign performance. Due to poor initial search response, our client needed to optimise their advertising mid-campaign in order to maximise the impact of their investment in Google search.


A Brand Campaign study was deployed so our client could very quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of different ad executions across channels while the ads were still live. 


The findings highlighted that the initial burst of creative activity was poorly linked to the brand and was not translating into consumer activity.


The content was quickly re-edited to better connect with the brand and, as a result, the second burst nearly tripled the volume of brand-related searches. The findings also helped our client make better decisions about future campaign investments.

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