Increasing retention through improved customer experience

Kantar facilitated a company-wide transformation programme to help an IT provider become more customer-centric and increase retention rates.


Our client was facing issues with customer experience and, consequently, low retention rates among its customer base. The management saw the need for a new customer-centric corporate strategy and had set "delivering better customer service" as a top priority. 


Working closely with the company’s executives and the marketing team, we designed and implemented a systematic customer feedback programme to understand changing customer needs and identify new service opportunities.

We developed and facilitated a company-wide transformation programme, steered by the management board and designed to assess and eliminate the gaps between customer needs and current products and services.


We identified how and where to focus on the most critical customer needs; specifically, how to address customer dissatisfaction, improve retention and increase spend.

We also recommended improvements to the company’s online store to make it more user-friendly and increase usage and how to simplify the invoicing process – an unnecessary source of customer frustrations.


Retention rates have improved by more than 50%, with customer experience rated above average compared to industry norms.

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