The benefits of using TGI

TGI can inform all marketing activity and enable every member of your team to understand and put your customers first

Better understand, profile and segment your customers in a fully populated, integrated dataset.

Use deeper insights to identify the most effective ways to nurture, diversify, grow and engage your target audiences

Activate your highest value target audiences efficiently and effectively across display, social or offline media campaigns

Working with TGI
Brands’ marketing and research teams can enhance strategic planning by effectively segmenting customers and identify gaps in the market
We help media agencies to optimise media planning by identifying the most relevant target audiences against the right advertising activation choices. This enables them to efficiently address the objectives of brands.
We work with media owners’ sales teams to profile audiences, whether on print, TV, radio and digital media channels. They can identify the unique composition of their audience – in lifestyle, attitudinal or consumer terms – and use this to demonstrate their competitive value to advertisers.