Household budgets are under deep financial pressure, yet innovation levels continue to fall precisely at the time when many consumers are looking for alternative choices.

Manufacturers and retailers that actively track the new consumer needs created as a result of shifting trends caused by the cost-of-living crisis can find sustainable growth during these tough times.

But with 36% fewer NPDs on shelves today than 10 years ago, and a ‘one in, one out’ approach at many retailers, each new product launch must make a tangible impact.

We can answer:

  • What your shoppers want from new product development
  • Whether they believe your potential product is going to deliver against it
  • Whether your innovations are truly resonating with your shoppers
  • What barriers to purchase you need to tackle to ensure a successful launch

We can help you identify your consumer reactions to potential new or live NPDs – whether they’ve seen it, considered it or actively rejected it to isolate the exact issues to solve in order to deliver a successfully incremental NPD.

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