The exponential growth of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has generated unprecedented upheaval and triggered far-ranging impacts on the global landscape. Get updates and insights to help your brand manage the effects of COVID-19 and prepare for the future.


COVID-19 Barometer

The leading syndicated study on how COVID-19 is influencing consumer behaviour, attitudes and expectations, covering over 60 markets.
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Government disapproval is dampening recovery, but leaving a gap for brands to lead by example, suggests our latest COVID-19 Barometer.
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An innovation programme that balances creativity, rigour and consistency can empower businesses to grow in times of crisis.
As the Chinese economy returned to growth, shoppers opted for local shops and ecommerce channels. How are retailers responding to changing habits?
Pandemic-induced protectionism could derail trans-national trade, with profound long-term implications for retail.