Africa is more than Sub-Saharan Africa.

2 out of 10 Africans are from North Africa. From the people to the culture to the landscape to the politics, North Africa is a vibrant, high-potential region that offers as many similarities as differences with the rest of Africa.

Now is the time to explore growth opportunities in North Africa.

As in Sub-Saharan Africa, the abundant youth population of North Africa are transformational agents for the changes being witnessed now and in the future. Emerging from a series of social, economic and political challenges, North Africa ushers in a new era.

  • What is coming next?

  • Where is North Africa heading?

  • How can brands win in this rapidly changing region?


Catch a sneak peek of the 2022-2023 North Africa Life report here

This year, we expand our Africa Life journey to explore the Northern Africa region with curious and growth-hungry eyes, sharing insights and ideas we believe will help advance both your brands and the world of consumers alike.


MEA - Africa Life - North-Africa - flagship

Spotlight on ‘The Big Three’

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Africa Life | North Africa edition


Brands’ compass towards growth in Algeria, Egypt and Morocco

MEA - Africa Life - North-Africa - brand-compass

It’s time for North Africa.


2,500+  interviews and consumer conversations across Algeria, Egypt, Morocco.

Our new expanded study explores the state of the North African region, macro- and micro-trends, evolving consumer behaviours and changing lifestyles to help your brands win more, faster across Africa.

  • Data.
  • Insights.
  • Trends.
  • Foresight.
  • Growth tools.


We explore all that you need to know to win more

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Change is happening everywhere on the continent, driven by Africa’s youth.

Africa Life Edition 3

Insights by design. Growth by purpose.

North Africa Edition

Algeria, Egypt and Morocco

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