The United Nations climate change conference, COP28 is taking place during the first two weeks of December in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Join Kantar to gain key insights on the event tailored for business and brand owners.

With global emissions increasing each year, limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees is a pressing and critical challenge for the survival of people and the planet. Addressing and overcoming this challenge is increasingly relevant to businesses with the introduction of new regulation. Understanding demand signals from consumers is critical in this context: 64% of the general public report that businesses have a responsibility to solve climate change, while only 14% of people think that business is ambitious enough and 38% believe that most businesses are making the climate crisis worse.

Addressing climate change cannot be done in silos, it requires structural transformation to build a more sustainable world. Delve into our event coverage to learn about new, relevant, and meaningful ways that will allow marketers to drive forward more ambitious sustainability agendas. Gain access to a range of thought leadership pieces, podcast episodes and daily updates with key take aways for the marketing industry.

Watch the Spotlight on behaviour change: Making climate personal through health webinar here. 

Our latest sustainability insights
COP 28
With COP28 taking place over the next two weeks, we review the consumer perspective on the key themes of the conference.
Middle East consumers
Middle Eastern consumers care particularly about water preservation, food waste and pollution.
The refillable revolution: why there’s no more room for waste
With two-thirds of people saying that tackling waste is a key issue, why are businesses not yet laser-focused on innovating solutions to minimise waste or generate value from its use?
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What marketers need from COP28
Hear from Jonathan Hall, Executive Managing Director, Kantar's Sustainable Practice, about what brands need from governments to deliver the climate transition.
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Sustainability solutions
Learn more about our Sustainability solutions
Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice works at the intersection of consumers, brands and environmental and social sustainability. In 2023 we worked with over 400 brands to catalyse action across multiple sectors and across the world.
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