Handheld devices and network and streaming media service providers have seen increased consumer usage during the pandemic. The essential infrastructure of communications and connectivity has found itself at the centre of daily life, with more people working, schooling and socialising from home. How people experience brands can convert a crisis into an opportunity – brands that adapt to better meet people’s evolving needs can find innovative ways to drive preference, loyalty and advocacy.

How can technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) brands leverage the current momentum and learn from winning brands to better meet people’s evolving needs?

CX will be increasingly important in determining the tech leaders of tomorrow.

With tech convergence, diminishing net neutrality and emerging global media giants, the world will see vigorous competition for the eyes and ears of consumers globally. As tech brands jockey for prime positions in a move towards owning the end-user relationship, CX will become increasingly important. But that requires understanding the customer. CX+ 2020 TMT data show what people crave and what they get, remain diametrically opposed. Find out where this and many other CX tech gaps exist to accelerate your brand to the top of the list.

What customers ‘want’ and what they ‘get’ are diametrically opposed

Network service providers

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Our experts discuss global insights for technology, media and telecoms brands and reveal who tops the CX+ leader boards. CX+ 2020 insights combined with an understanding of the rapidly changing customer landscape will help inform your CX strategy. 
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