The best creative doesn’t just help sell products and build brands, it can influence people’s behaviour, attitudes and emotions.

Advertising can be instrumental in creating and reinforcing positive or negative stereotypes. Inclusion and Diversity in advertising is a hot topic – the challenge is to find the approach that is authentic and effective for your brand.

Inclusivity is a tactic used by many of Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Award winners. Progressive and inclusive advertising offers brands more than just the fulfillment of being more socially and morally responsible, our data shows that when it’s done well it’s also great for business and your marketing ROI.

Find out what we’ve learned from our database of over 215,000 ads, and partnerships with the Unstereotype Alliance, Affectiva and many clients.

Download our playbook
Download our playbook, which explores different approaches to inclusive portrayal in advertising to help you to find the best route for your brand.
Watch our webinar
Watch our webinar, where experts from Kantar and Affectiva explore findings from our databases and Artificial Intelligence analysis, and share case studies to illustrate best practice.

Get in touch to speak to one of our creative experts to discuss how you can make inclusion and diversity in your advertising work in a way that is right for your brand.

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