Shaping the Brands of Tomorrow with Meaningful Data

Navigating uncertainty in today’s volatile markets is a constant challenge for every business. Marketing leaders are under pressure to make increasingly faster, smarter decisions to meet growth strategies.

Kantar Analytics Live speaks with the experts and influencers on the ground who are not only successfully solving for these challenges but finding opportunities in disruption for growth.
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Curating Meaningful Data to Shape Valuable, Future-Fit Brands

In an uncertain world, how can brands stimulate long term brand creation to ensure that they are future fit and shielded against price shock and volatility?


— Rafael Alcaraz, Ph.D.: Head of commercial Marketing Insights (Aetna & Caremark) at CVS Health
— Verity Gill: Brand Effectiveness Lead at John Lewis PartnershipStian Giskeødegård
— Stian Giskeødegård: Nordic Brand & Marketing Director, Elkjøp Nordic


Matthew Dodd: Senior Director, Global Clients & EMEA Market Development, Analytics, Kantar

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Curating Meaningful Data to Elevate Creative Effectiveness

How do you get more meaningful connections through your data assets to understand new patterns of consumer language and cultural trends to stay relevant and elevate creative value?

Panel: TBC


Steve Silvers: EVP, Product Development, Global Creative & Media Solutions, Kantar

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Curating Meaningful Data for Strong, Sustainable Positioning that Drives Brand Growth

All agree that Sustainability should be part of every business strategy but what programs should companies focus on, and how should they measure their success?

Panel: TBC

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Curating Meaningful Data to Maximise the Value of Every Customer Relationship

This webinar has now concluded. Please follow the link to view the recording

As more people practice cautious consumerism, how can brands leverage, and interpret their available data to create a truly 360 view of customer needs, aspirations and buying behaviour to maximise ROI?



Ashish Jha 
Head of analytics Market Development, APAC 


Nivedita (Nivi) Mandal
Director Consumer Insights and Analytics, Consumer Segment, Europe
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Ashley Skilton 
Customer Insight and Transformation Lead




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