There has never been a more exciting time in media. As we enter 2020, change in the media landscape is accelerating at an unrelenting pace with new technologies, platforms and business models continuing to re-shape our industry.

So, from 5G to shopvertising, esports, influencer marketing, brand activism, or media in-housing, which are the major trends that marketers and media owners need to be aware of over the next 12 months?

Forecasting what comes next is never easy, but our 2020 Media Trends & Predictions are borne out of insights we generate at Kantar. They are also based on our conversations with media owners and publishers, advertiser brands and agencies around the globe.

We have identified 12 key trends that will bring new opportunities – and new challenges – for marketers and media owners in 2020 and beyond. These fall under three major themes:

  1. The technology transforming the media landscape and experiences
  2. The spaces that brands can credibly occupy
  3. The context and catalysts for change
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Cookies vs. Holistic Measurement - What You Need to Know

Cookies fuel only a portion of passive deterministic tracking today - and specifically only browser-level channels. The rest of the media universe, including linear television, SVOD, AVOD, CTV, OTT and OOH has had identifiers attached to them but were not dependent upon cookies. Radio and print have never had deterministic identifiers attached to them for measurement at all. What are we suppose to do with all these silos of data? Lean in and embrace a holistic, modelled approach to measurement - and never look back.
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Spend 30 minutes to listen to our Media experts discuss the acceleration of the video streaming battle; media effectiveness measurement in a cookie-less future; the fine balance between targeted, personalised content and data ethics; and the imperative of measuring influencer marketing effectiveness.

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