Maximise sales and resource efficiency with online retailers

Ecommerce and omnichannel shopping has grown in penetration, importance and influence. Consider Kantar’s retail forecasts that project 63% of retail growth coming from online channels in the next five years. And ShopperScape data that shows 79% of shoppers will have purchased online in the last year. As a result, driving growth through online touchpoints has become a priority challenge for CPG sales and marketing teams. In particular, this will affect teams responsible for delivering growth across retail channels. 

While sales and marketing teams increasingly push to integrate digital growth planning, in order to capitalise on digital shopping trends, complexities in coordination across traditional, new and digital channels will emerge. A comprehensive approach to assortment and portfolio management can help CPG teams deliver on current shopping demand, and support long-term planning strategy needs for brick and mortar, online, and ultimately omnichannel category management.    

Introducing RichMix eAssort: the first assortment and portfolio planning tool built to support online sales and growth strategies. Leverage one coordinated approach across brick and mortar and ecommerce channel planning to grow sales and simplify coordination across teams.   

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Portfolio Growth with Amazon

A CPG manufacturer in the household essentials category wanted to drive growth and maximise sales with key online retailer Amazon. They asked us to help them shape an online assortment and portfolio prioritisation strategy to deliver double-digit growth.

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Pack Size Optimisation

To provide effective guidance on bundle and new product development, a CPG manufacturer of household essentials sought to identify the most effective pack size in category and sub-categories online.

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Informed NPD Decision Making

A household essentials CPG manufacturer wanted to identify important segments online to better inform their product launch calendar and R&D processes.

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Emerging methods in online assortment and portfolio prioritisation

Join our webinar and learn how to build an assortment and portfolio prioritisation strategy that considers the unique set of dynamics encountered by ecommerce sales planning teams.

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