Let's face the facts:

Fact #1: Not every survey panellist is fully engaged when taking every survey (they are human). And there are known groups and sophisticated individuals trying to hack panels to collect rewards they didn’t earn (people are paid for their time and data).

Fact #2: Quality starts with survey design, question design, and survey length. The cognitive load put on panellist and the overall survey-taking experience needs to be considered up front (or even the most engaged panellists will disengage, regardless of the reward).

Fact #3: In Q4 2022, researchers are discarding on average up to 38% of the data they collect due to quality concerns and panel fraud. Many are finding data skews are rendering research useless – with one recent prospect citing that they had to return 70% of data provided by a leading panel provider.

COVID drove unprecedented levels of online fraud – and surveys are no exception. But, to ensure fraudulent actors don’t destroy data, they need to be removed in seconds – and that can’t be done manually.

This is why we have Qubed, our antifraud technology that uses state-of-the-art machine learning and 3 Deep Neural AI Networks to identify fraud.

Explore what makes Qubed unique here. And let's discuss boosting the quality of your survey data.

Combatting survey fraud with Qubed

Using advanced machine learning

Qubed uses 3 Deep Neural AI Networks to identify fraud. It runs in real-time and processes over 300 features for each survey sessions - returning a verdict and suggested action within 100 milliseconds. 


Identifying 3 distinct bad actors

Qubed differentiates and identifies Lazy, Dishonest and Fraudulent panellelists, ensuring the worst offenders are removed from panels in seconds, poor behaviour is rehabilitated, and good panellists remain engaged. 


Blocking "out of country" fraud

Qubed is the only technology capable of detecting and removing "out of country" fraudsters - which accounted for 41% of bad data in 2022 and has a very high damage to data integrity.


Taking a "full history" approach 

Qubed is the only antifraud technology that uses a panellist's full history to determine fraud. Others use a single survey session to score people - often scoring panellists too harshly due to limited data - driving good panellists away.

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