Through our agile and custom suite of survey solutions and network of compliant respondents, Kantar delivers automated access to first-party data with speed and at scale. Learn more about our fieldwork and delivery solutions and audience reach here.

Our Solutions and Audiences

templated solutions, online surveys
Survey Solution

Templated Solutions

Get answers to more questions faster and more efficiently via your own bespoke portal.

With this agile solution, you can accelerate fieldwork by quickly building surveys with your preestablished questions and custom add-ons. Research from 70 global markets or your own customer database, and streamline survey programming, translations and analysis with Templated Solutions.
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quick turn surveys
Survey Solution

Quick-Turn Managed Fieldwork

When you don’t have the time for self-serve, let our local experts manage quick-turn work for you. Simply select from our pre-set delivery packages and send us your questions. Our team will deliver your results in as quickly as 6 hours.
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diy surveys
Survey Solution

Self-Serve Solutions

Get answers in hours, or even minutes using our self-serve tools.

Ask a single question, or up to 20, to our diverse global audiences. Get the reassurance you need to make quick, informed decisions.
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online survey research
Survey Solution

Custom Managed Fieldwork

Our survey design, sampling and fieldwork experts are equipped to manage the most unique and complex survey specifications for you.

From ad hoc studies and tracking research, to custom diaries and in-home usage tests (IHUTs), our teams have the experience you need to collect quality data.
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kantar profiles network, online panel

Kantar Profiles Network

Access audiences worldwide to get the answers you need for your business decisions fast.

We’ve integrated trusted suppliers into our compliant, single-sourced API network that is built on a pioneering platform – designed for collecting and connecting data with speed and at scale 
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online survey research

Data Delivery

From cross tabulations to robust PowerBI dashboards, connect your data to real-time decisions.

Whether you are looking for quick do-it-yourself options, or a personalised solution that integrates first, second and third-party datasets, we have a data delivery option for you.
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data compliance, data quality

Data Compliance

At Kantar, we only work with permission-based respondents and ensure data collection is done in respect of data protection regulations around the world.

So, whether it’s our double opt-in (DOI) panelists or our programmatic supply, you can rest assured that quality and compliance underpin everything we do text in field
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