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Many companies are doing a lot, but they are not clear on where to focus and what they should do first. We can help you define and build your brand through meaningful action through our validated framework and the right tools.

Request the global report, covering 35 markets, to discover what matters to consumers... and where to play to make your sustainable transformation a success.

Across the planet, consumers will not be leading the change when it comes to sustainability: they expect businesses and brands to take leadership.

To overcome barriers and drive adoption, companies must make it easy for consumers to choose sustainable products or services, whilst also making it a meaningful and rewarding choice.

Kantar’s Sustainability Sector Index is a quantitative research study with over 34,000 consumers interviewed in 35 countries across four regions: Europe, Americas, APAC, and Africa. Designed to unlock defining clusters of people and the specific issues that resonate sector by sector, it provides a robust framework for how companies should address sustainability and prioritise focus and investment. The report also includes proprietary consumer segmentation data, which provides an activation lens, helping you understand how to win with different groups.

Globally, people are showing most concern in 8 areas of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) framework.


There is a strong focus on environmental issues, although social issues, notably poverty and hunger, are also of importance to people worldwide. top sdgs

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