With the tsunami of social and environmental change the world is facing, central banks and financial institutions warn that entire categories will be wiped out if they don’t change. Sustainability has to be central to business strategy, and can be a key driver of resilience, competitive advantage and growth.

The world is moving in that direction, people demand action, and companies are struggling to manage the associated risk and ride the wave of emerging opportunity. Worldwide, national, regional and city governments are demonstrating the will to do something about it.

Consumers will not own the challenge alone; 88% are expecting brands to lead the charge and help them align their behaviours with their beliefs. Businesses need to step up – those that do will reap the rewards. Brands often worry about putting their head above the parapet and being accused of greenwashing. 65% of consumers say they worry brands are involved in social issues just for commercial benefit.

Simply talking sustainability does not equal success: brands have to DO. Brands need adopt a more open and transparent position and deliver on an authentic strategy which aligns with their brand purpose. We at Kantar are helping companies navigate the journey.

Interview: Road to COP26

Watch Kantar’s Nicki Morley talk about COP26, and sustainability being central to business strategy, and a key driver of resilience, competitive advantage and growth.

We launched our Global Foundational Study, a quantitative research study in 35 markets, designed to unlock defining clusters of people and the specific issues that resonate sector by sector – enabling us to create a robust framework for how companies address sustainability.

Our Who Cares, Who Does? study looks at the issue of waste and explores the relationship between attitudes and behaviours to shed light on the Value-Action Gap.

We have world-leading Sustainability experts bringing clarity and deep expertise on the Sustainable Transformation journey.

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Get in touch to speak to one of our sustainability experts. Many companies are doing a lot, but they are not clear on where to focus and what they should do in the foreground. We can help you define and build your brand through meaningful action through our validated framework and the right tools.

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